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Noah Bennet Fanfiction

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There is a lot of fanfiction about Noah Bennet on the Web, and for your reading pleasure I have tried to collect as much as possible here. You can sort it by pairing, then refine your search by rating and finally by author. Sorry, it seems that the search function doesn't work well with "all". All these stories will bring you to external sites.

Please note that the "pairing" field is somewhat flexible. All stories that don't feature an obvious pairing are marked as "gen". However, stories that revolve around Noah and his relationship with another character are noted under that pairing, even if this relationship is not romantic/sexual. All stories about the relationships between Bennet, Claire, Lyle, Sandra and Mr Muggles are marked as "Bennet Family". Finally, threesomes, orgies and love triangles are marked as "multiple" (the characters involved are mentioned in the notes). Also note that stories involving Claire and Bennet are clearly marked as either platonic or incestuous. Reader discretion is advised... in other words, if you don't like, don't read.

I also included as many warnings as I could from the author's header or from my reading. But if you're sensitive to anything specific, or are unspoiled for certain episodes, please read the headers of the fic all the same, I couldn't always include everything.