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The Noah Bennet Fanlisting

Welcome to the Noah Bennet Fanlisting! A fanlisting is a list of fans from all countries - it's not a fan club or a forum, just a way to show your appreciation for something. This fanlisting is listed at TheFanlistings.Org.

This is where you can sign up to show your love for Noah Bennet, the mysterious man with the horn-rimmed glasses and the morally gray values. He's one of the rare characters in Heroes who doesn't have an ability and is still one of the most awesome - and sometimes creepy - characters.

Fanlisting Stats

Last site update: July 12 2018 - No new members have joined.
Newest members added: 20th September 2015
Newest members: Katja
Member count: 27, from 12 countries
Pending members: 0
Growth rate: 0.01 fans/day
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Before you join the fanlisting, please read the following rules:

  • You must be a fan of Noah Bennet.
  • All you need to join is to list your name/nickname, a working email address and your country. Your email address can remain confidential if you prefer.
  • If you're listing a website, please link to this fanlisting with one of the graphics or one of your own making.
  • I reserve the right not to list any websites that contain illegal or offensive material. The members will be approved but their URL won't be listed.
Are you ready to join? Just fill out the form and don't forget to grab a graphic for your website, if you have one!

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Alex from United States | email | website
Angie from England | | website
Azar from United States | email | website
Bura from Netherlands | email | website
Christina from United States | email | website
Corey DeRusha from Canada | email | website
Courteney from United States | email | website
Denisse from Mexico | | website
Dref22 from Turkey | | website
Ember from United States | | website
Erika from Philippines | email | website
Firestar from United States | email | website
Firlachiel from Germany | email | website
Ivy from United States | | website
Katenkka from Russia | | website
Katja from Germany | email | website
Lily Grace from United States | | website
LINDSAY^_^ from United States | email | website
María De La Paz Añazco Villalba from Paraguay | | website
Mariella from Finland | email | website
Paola from United States | email | website
Rain from Germany | email | website
Richard from Canada | | website
Sarah from United States | email | website
Seraphyne from United States | | website

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